We make travelling to India on an immersion tour easy.

We are a single window solution provider specialising in study tours. We can adapt the itinerary of a tour to suit your curriculum. Come experience the language and culture of urban and rural India.

  Come experience our people. language. industry. science. economy. business. history. villages. cities. food. transport. culture. politics. education. nature.
We guide students on ten to fifteen day, study-centric, experiential tours of urban and rural India.
Compact 10 to 15 Day Tours
Begin your journey in an Urban Metropolis and maybe wind up in a Wildlife Sanctuary, our tours are designed to pack a wide variety of experiences into a 10 to 15-day schedule.
Faculty Lead Customisation
Our point of difference is our ability to adapt any of our study tours. We will collaborate with you and help you design a unique experience around your class room requirements. We can find and include specific activities that align the tour with your curriculum.
Curriculum–Centric Itinerary
As a professor or study abroad advisor, you know first and foremost that sometimes the world has more to offer students beyond the four walls of a classroom. College is an exciting time for students to travel abroad, broaden their horizons, deepen their understanding of subjects they are studying and diversify their cultural awareness.
End-to-end Service
Planning, implementing, and teaching a faculty led program for your students can be an overwhelming process. We are here to ease the entire planning process. We also have you completely covered from the moment you land in India, be it: airport transfers, local transport, 3 and 4-star hotels, breakfast, lunch, dinner, ferry tickets, travel insurance and much more.
When overseas you learn more about your own country, than you do the place you’re visiting. – Clint Borgen.
Study Tour Packages
9 Day Study Tour
3 Days in Mumbai
3 Days in Bangalore
1 Days in Mysore
2 Days in Coorg
Engage our Financial Capital & Silicon Valley
$2900 per person
A packed business itinerary showcasing what drives the Indian economy. We kick off in India's Financial capital Mumbai, study sessions revloving around the Indian Economy and the Financial Markets, Bollywood Studios and the world famous Harvard researched Dabbawallas. This trip is not complete without a visit to the startup and IT hub in Bangalore. We wrap up with a relatively relaxed three days of sign seeing and leisure around Mysore and Coorg.
11 Day Study Tour
1 Days in Bangalore
1 Days in Mysore
2 Days in Coorg
4 Days in Bangalore
3 Days in Delhi & Agra
A Blend of Industry, Business, Heritage & Leisure
$2650 per person
We ease into this tour by spending the first two days at heritage and leisure destinations. Then the tour pivots around six days of study sessions, spanning the Information Techology, Industrial and Rural Belt around Bangalore, Mysore and Coorg. We close by traveling north for a packed three days visiting heritage desitinations around Delhi and Agra.
11 Day Study Tour
2 Days in Mysore
4 Days in Kerala
3 Days in Bangalore
2 Days in Hampi
Pure Art, Culture & Heritage
$3200 per person
A tour built to soak in the true cultural heritage of India, immerse yourself in our art forms, food, rituals, music, dance, and martial arts. We take a patchwork - urban, rural and historical journey through Mysore, Kerala, Hampi and Bangalore. This tour also explores India's Royal history. We visit UNESCO world heritage sites.
10 Day Study Tour
2 Days in Coorg
2 Days in Calicut
3 Days in Cochin
3 Days in Bangalore
The Spice Routes of South India
$2850 per person
In 1497, the portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama traveled around Africa to discovered Calicut on the south-west coast of India in 1498. He returned home with a huge cargo of nutmeg, cloves, cinnamon, ginger, and peppercorns. We dive deep into “God’s own country”. Join us as we explore the spice routes of Southern India that Christopher Columbus failed to discover.
Tour Journals
11 Days
June 2017
University of Central Oklahoma
This was an 11-day tour across India with 10 students from the University of Central Oklahoma who were pursuing their MBA. They were accompanied by faculty members Geoff Willis, Bambi Hora and Mariya Burdina.

"This journey has always felt like a spiritual one. One that is meant to teach me something greater than the culture of India. One that is meant to startle me, challenge me and bring me to a truer version of myself. I don't know what to expect, but I do know I will find magic." – Julie Coughlan

This account of the tour is loosely based on excerpts from the travel journal of Julie Coughlan.
One’s destination is never a place, but rather a new way of looking at things. – Henry Miller.
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Meet The Team
Vineeth Thomas
Founder & Managing Partner
I am a business graduate with experience in International Education and Exchange. I have developed strategic global opportunities with foreign universities, keeping in mind a student's needs and interests. Before joining the education space, I worked with the Tata Group’s IT Division, on their Business Development team. When I am not working, I prefer studying photography, history, cultural intelligence or just traveling.
Anand Joseph
Founder & Partner
I am a business graduate. When I was a student intern, I had traveled extensively through the United States to spend time at various universities there. I currently spend time building rapport with students to understand their needs and aspirations, before counseling them on their career path. I stay with my family in Bangalore, India. Things that keep me busy otherwise are a keen interest in music, travel and keeping up with the capital markets.