The COVID-19 lockdown has been a very painful experience for millions of people around the world. Some have lost their loved ones, while some have lost their business opportunities which might take ages to revive, and for the rest – being locked down indoors was in itself was very depressing. A lockdown of this nature is a ‘once in a lifetime’ occurrence. It will be safe to assume that, this generation had never witnessed a lockdown of this proportion, and now each one of us lives to tell a story to the next generation. Human beings were designed to be optimistic. Optimism is at the core of every single person’s being no matter the color, caste, creed, ethnicity, religion, or location. We all live to face tomorrow hoping that tomorrow will have something better to offer than today.

This lockdown has created unparalleled opportunities for us to – realize our purpose, our potential, our priorities, and value our people. The impact of this lockdown will be felt for long. An impact that has brought families together, an impact that has restored relationships and an impact that invigorated us with fresh focus and thoughts that will enable us to change our world.

As we pick up the pieces of our lives and start the journey towards a normal world, we are certain that mankind will come back stronger with fresh zeal and an unstoppable passion. Our achievements will outnumber our past accomplishments! We will look back, and with gratitude say “ this too has passed”

We congratulate each one of you for bringing out the warrior instincts in you and throwing all you ever had at it- to come out victorious.

You are a survivor – We salute you for everything you have been through!