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We guide students, corporate executives, faculty and professionals on study-centric, experiential learning programs in urban and rural India.
Come experience our people. language. industry. science. economy. business. history. villages. cities. food. transport. culture. politics. education. nature.
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Travel. Experience. Learn. Repeat.
What you can learn from first-hand experiences in a culturally-diverse developing nation like India, is so much more than what textbooks can teach you. We’ve got learning experiences for everyone – students, corporates, faculty & professionals!
Customized High-Impact Experiences
What you want is what you get! You could begin your journey at a start-up company in an Urban Metropolis and maybe wind up in a Wildlife Sanctuary – with us, anything’s possible! Our programs are designed to pack a wide variety of experiences.
Researched & Handpicked Programs
We have dedicated academic and cultural experts skilled in researching trends and current issues that can provide high-impact learning experiences. We work closely with faculty and program leaders, to get more clarity on how best to adapt study experiences to complement specific academic requirements.
We’ve Got It Covered
Planning the A to Z of your study experience in a foreign country is quite challenging; that requires the ‘We’ve Got It Covered’ superpower - be it airport transfers, local transport, hotel accommodation, breakfast, lunch, dinner, ferry tickets or travel insurance, we’ve got you covered.
When overseas you learn more about your own country, than you do the place you’re visiting. Clint Borgen.
Immersive Study Programs
Travel Based
Immersive travel study programs to India.
Customized itineraries with turn-key logistics.
Virtual Series
Live virtual sessions that include active discussions.
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One’s destination is never a place, but rather a new way of looking at things. Henry Miller.
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Meet the Team
A group of experienced, fun to work with, customer-focused individuals – we’ve got heaps of great ideas that take the shape of great learning experiences. We’re passionate about what we do and determined to deliver the best experiential study programs that showcase India’s brilliant urban and rural potential.
The leadership team has significant experience in the education sector, complemented by long-standing associations with top-ranked educational institutions. We have also worked with foreign universities, and played a decisive role in curating partnerships and experiences with their Indian counterparts.
The long-term working partnerships we’ve forged with many of our clients stand testament to the seamless study programs we’ve curated. Our experiences are completely flexible and we are happy to tackle any aspect of your visit, right from managing the whole trip to simply giving you an experienced set of hands on site.
Team up with us and ‘Let India Happen To You’!