Somewhere along the way and in the harsh realities of life – We stop living. Life comes to a standstill and routine becomes the new norm. We get used to the comfort zone and forget that life is all about learning and embarking on new adventures. 

While there is nothing wrong with slowing down, sometimes staying in the comfort zone can do more harm than good. That’s why we all need an occasional reminder to wake up and embrace the complexities of life. 

Travel is that reminder. 

Travel is a door that can open your mind to new possibilities. Not only does it allow you to have fun and create memorable experiences, it also provides constant opportunities to expand one’s knowledge base and develop problem-solving skills. If you’re still on the fence and don’t know how travel can benefit you, here’s six reasons why you should cross that trip off your bucket list. 

Building resilience. 

Beginning a journey takes courage, whereas completing it takes grit and focus. Travelling makes you more appreciative of your story and the lessons learned on the road will follow you throughout life. It is no news that travel is great for your physical well-being, but research suggests that exploring a new place can work wonders for one’s emotional and mental health. Living in a new city can be both exciting and intimidating; travel teaches one patience and the ability to surrender to control. 

Comfort zone. What? 

One of the things that travel forces you to confront is your perception and judgement of people. Travel isn’t just about visiting new places. It is learning how people tick and why they act the way they do. In the real world, we’re often worrying about the different responsibilities that are on our shoulders such as bills, jobs, the commute etc. Travel allows you to momentarily let go of these responsibilities and be present. It allows you to be who you are and to try things you want to without worrying about the repercussions. 

Hello, new friends and new found self-confidence. 

The best part about travel is undoubtedly the new people you get to meet and spend your time with. The friends you make along the road can help you overcome social obstacles and add more value to your life. In the day to day grind it can be hard to make new connections due to the lack of time and perceived judgement. On a trip, you’re less likely to worry about being judged and more likely to get out of your shell and interact. Travel can help you develop key sociability skills and skyrocket your self esteem. 

Developing an expanded world-view 

It may be cliched, but visiting a developing nation like India can have a transformative effect on your view of the world. If you’ve only lived a certain way your whole life, choosing to immerse yourself into a challenging life experience will not only build character but at the same time make you more humble as an individual. Being surrounded by ancient ruins, visiting untouched and non-commercial places, or living like a local will help put things into perspective. 

Thinking outside the box

New experiences increase both cognitive flexibility and multicultural engagement. Cognitive flexibility is the mind’s ability to be open to new ideas. This is a very important aspect of creativity. Experiences abroad can endow a traveller with a valuable open-mindedness and make it easier for them to come up with different creative solutions to the problems in front of them. The more one allows themselves to interact with the locals and adapt to the cultures, the stronger the creative boost.

Embracing the idea of continuous learning 

When one travels, they leave behind what’s known and take on a world of new. When you travel, you are constantly evolving. One can find joy in the unexpected, the challenges of difference and the happiness of homecoming. The mindset shift that travel enables can also leave one open to new ideas and life-long learning. 

If you’re still not convinced or not sure where to start – Remember, travel isn’t supposed to be hard and is easier than you think. All the challenges and opportunities that lay at your feet will help you discover skills you didn’t know you had. So take the plunge! We are sure you won’t regret it. And if you need some advice, we are more than happy to help! All you need to do is get in touch with our team.