New-age learning methodologies have been advocating experiential learning programs to enhance the effectiveness of theoretical knowledge. And universities at the forefront of education across the globe are taking the lead and doing just that.
Thanks to its inherent diversity of people and experiences, India has become an affordable and trending destination for foreign universities looking to offer value-added experiences to their students and faculty.
But how do you even begin to understand a country so diverse? There is so much more to India than the Seat of Power and the Taj Mahal, along with some elephants, bullock carts and snake charmers thrown into the fray!

Where do you begin… What’s trending in urban and rural India? What experiences are the best suited for your students?
Immersion India has the answers. We have dedicated academic and cultural experts skilled in researching trends and current issues that can provide high-impact learning experiences to the global student community. To that end, we have identified 10 unique destinations in India that offer diverse cultural, business and nature experiences that teach you so much more than text books ever will.
Every state in India is unique, but the destinations listed below have been chosen factoring in safety and easy accessibility, diversity of experiences, academic and business development and uniqueness in landscape and architecture.

South Indian Destinations
Karnataka, considered the Silicon Valley of India, has so much to offer right from a tropical rainforest to the magnificent remnants of the 13th Century Vijayanagara Empire.
Pondicherry, known as the French Riviera of the East, is an experimental universal township with a wealth of unique experiences to offer.
Goa is the last of the Portuguese bastions and a destination that offers a visual and cultural treat when it comes to sun, sea, sand and spirituality.
Kerala is God’s Own Country – the health and wellness paradise of India that boasts legacy rich in spices and silk that lured the Europeans to its shores.
Tamil Nadu boasts one of the world’s oldest classical civilisations of the world and Tamil has the distinction of being the oldest living language.

North Indian Destinations
Rajasthan is the land of the royals, forts, palaces, deserts, lakes and tigers – the veritable jewel in India’s crown.
New Delhi is the erstwhile capital of the Mughal empire, the current capital of India – the world’s largest democracy, as well as the start-up capital of the country.
Mumbai is the Financial Capital of India – a city that never sleeps. It is also home to Bollywood, making it the Entertainment Capital of India too.
Gujarat is rooted in history as the land of Gandhi. It is famous for its silk and cotton mills, and is called the ‘Diamond City’ because 90% of the world’s diamonds are polished here.

North-East India
The North-East states are known as the Seven Sisters because they are interdependent on each other. They are breathtakingly beautiful states boasting undulating hills, rolling valleys and tranquil hamlets. They are rich in history, culture and largely untouched by vagaries of commercialisation.

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India Calling… Virtually for now!
Every destination we cover has an itinerary detailing the learning experiences that complement the larger learning theme. The pandemic has inspired to shift these learning experiences to a virtual platform for the time being. Seeing and doing is learning and believing – and we’re looking forward to the time when we can continue these experiences in person.