Field trips in the corporate world are journeys by a group of people working at an organization to a place away from their usual environment. They are organized to help leaders break away from the routine and to get out of their comfort zone. 

At Immersion India, we love field trips. Why? 

Because they remind you of everything you still have to learn as a team and as an organization. You can’t possibly know what you don’t know and the best way to learn growth and success is to learn from people who have already done it! 

According to a survey conducted by hostel booking site, Hostel World, 38% of the people surveyed felt travel boosts confidence, 37% said it increases people skills and 35% said it helps one adapt to new situations well. In times of Covid-19, corporate trips post-pandemic will become even more important than before.

The benefits of a corporate field trip are manifold, but we’ve covered three reasons on why you might want to send your team on that trip- 

Learning how to solve for the customer

Every organization wants to be customer-centric. But somehow as an organization grows, it can be harder to listen to the voice of your customers. This is why talking to business experts from other organizations and how they solve for their customers can be an enriching learning experience for your employees. A cross-country field trip in a developing nation where budgets, resources, or tools are scarce can help spark innovative ideas that help solve business problems more efficiently. 

Embracing failure instead of fearing it 

Failures are just as important as successes. Often on field trips, experts within the industry share their various successes, but they also share their struggles on their battleground. This can inculcate a shared fearlessness and growth mindset amongst employees and make them more reflective and humble. This might give your team that much-needed push to try something different on the job and to embrace the idea of change. 

Transparency will be inherent

The purpose of an outdoor trip is to also encourage constructive feedback, opinions, and criticism to be voiced freely, which can then be applied post-trip at a job setting. The trip can encourage your teams to make learning a part of their routine and also help them commit to transparency about their blind spots. No one knows everything and being honest about that can help your team identify gaps they need to fill. 

So if you’re looking for a proven formula to transform your company, take the learning outside and reinvent your team. Send your employees on a field trip to develop the growth mindset needed for innovation and business transformation.