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We are a single window solution provider specialising in study tours. We can adapt the itinerary of a tour to suit your curriculum. Come experience the language and culture of urban and rural India.

  Come experience our people. language. industry. science. economy. business. history. villages. cities. food. transport. culture. politics. education. nature.
We guide students, corporate executives, faculty & professionals on study-centric, experiential learning programs in urban and rural India.
Travel. Experience. Learn. Repeat.
What you can learn from first-hand experiences in a culturally-diverse developing nation like India, is so much more than what textbooks can teach you. We’ve got learning experiences for everyone – students, corporates, faculty & professionals!
Customised High-Impact Experiences
What you want is what you get! You could begin your journey at a start-up company in an Urban Metropolis and maybe wind up in a Wildlife Sanctuary – with us, anything’s possible! Our programs are designed to pack a wide variety of experiences into a defined schedule, without compromising quality time to immerse yourself in the experience and learn from it.
Researched & Handpicked Programs
What’s trending in urban and rural India? We have dedicated academic and cultural experts skilled in researching trends and current issues that can provide high-impact learning experiences. We work closely with faculty and program leaders, to get more clarity on how best to adapt study experiences to complement specific academic requirements.
Opportunities to Explore & Co-Learn
What better way to learn than to co-learn with the best minds! Our experiences give you the freedom to explore a wide range of academic disciplines through our extensive connects in leading corporations and top-ranked academic institutions. With unrestricted access to industry experts and academicians, we offer great opportunities to deepen your understanding of any subject and increase your cultural awareness.
We’ve Got It Covered
Planning the A to Z of your study experience in a foreign country is quite challenging; that requires the ‘We’ve Got It Covered’ superpower – and that’s exactly what we have! More than any travel agent, we would know your schedule best – be it airport transfers, local transport, hotel accommodation, breakfast, lunch, dinner, ferry tickets or travel insurance, we’ve got you covered. All you have to do is make the decision to entrust your learning experience to us and immerse yourself in what India can teach you!
When overseas you learn more about your own country, than you do the place you’re visiting. – Clint Borgen.
Study Programs
Thematic Study Topics

We believe that an exposure to India's business, Culture and History serves as an eye-opener to understanding this magnificent country . It also gives you a heightened sense of cultural awareness that helps put the prevalent global environment in perspective. Give us two weeks and we guarantee you’ll go back with a wealth of academic, experiential and cultural experiences that will change the way you view the world. From seeing to learning to applying to innovating… your journey begins with us!

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Tech Innovations in India & The Driving Force
Industrial Automation is all about working smarter, faster, and more proficiently. Get a feel of how it’s done and an in-depth understanding of how a Bangalore-based AI solutions company improved ‘asset uptime’ and ‘operational efficiency’ for globally renowned manufacturing industries. The program includes student interactions, company visits and cultural experiences.

• Connect With AI Start-ups
• Visit R&D Labs at the IISC
• Master Sessions from Experts
Sustainable Energy
The UN's Highest Environmental Honour Awarded to an Indian Airport
The world has no choice but to explore sustainable energy, and what better example to showcase than Cochin International Airport (CIAL) – the world’s first solar power airport. Get insider access to understand how an international airport is powered by solar energy. See long stretches of solar panels spread over 45 acres of unused land and more. An absolutely inspirational experience to encourage ideas that could reduce the carbon footprint of the energy sector. The program also includes company visits and cultural experiences.

• Airport Solar Farm
• Agrivoltaics - Solar Panels & Crops
• Sneak-peak into Airport Operations
• Masterclass on Climate Governance
India's 5 Trillion-Dollar Mission
India is one of the world’s most dynamic emerging markets, well on the road to achieving a $5 trillion mission by 2024. Explore and learn more about what makes India tick, in the process, gain insights into the business/economic environment of the country. Besides interacting with leading Economists, students will have the opportunity to have discussions with the Confederation of Indian Industry. The program also includes company visits and cultural experiences.

• Interact with Top Economists
• Work with Trade Bodies
• Evaluate Growth Sectors
Make in India : Guide to Indian Manufacturing
With the help of the ‘Make In India’ initiative, India will soon become a manufacturing hub for hi-tech global giants such as GE, Siemens, HTC, Boeing etc. As part of the learning experience, students will get to visit a wide range of Manufacturing companies to fine-tune their understanding of how Manufacturing has emerged as one of the high growth sectors in India. The highlight will be spending an entire day at the largest aerospace company in Asia, Hindustan Aeronautical Limited for an unparalleled learning experience. The program also includes cultural experiences.

• Small & Medium Enterprises
• Manufacturing
• Operations Management
Social Entrepreneurship
India Shining
This is your chance to understand how social entrepreneurs in India create an impact with start-ups that generate business for a social cause, not necessarily limited by personal gain. Visit a Chennai-based company that has tied up with over 200 schools across South India to institute recycling programs, enlisting the participation of over 300,000 children. Understand how they work towards implementing low-cost business solutions to combat shortage of funds, manpower, resources etc. The program also includes student interactions and cultural experiences.

• Social Entrepreneurship Start-ups
• Economic Sustainability
• Employment Creation
Why Indian Nonprofits Are Experts at Scaling Up
There is probably no better laboratory than India to study the challenges that non-profit organizations face in trying to scale up when resources are scarce. Explore and understand how Aravind Eye Care System is run with McDonald-like assembly-line efficiency, strict quality norms, brand recognition, standardization, consistency, ruthless cost control and above all, volume. Every year, Aravind does 60% as many eye surgeries as UK’s National Health System, at one one-thousandth the cost. The program also includes student interactions and cultural experiences.

• Corporate Social Responsibility
• Community Involvement & Development
• Non-profit's Stability
We were in Bengaluru where we immersed ourselves in the fascinating Culture and Disruption that comes with being in an unfamiliar place. Key takeaways:
It is only by adopting a creative mindset of discovery, partnership and abundance can we be truly agile as leaders. ‘Being Agile’ requires a shift way beyond just ‘Doing Agile’. Embracing uncertainty & ambiguity as opportunities for change requires leaders who are willing to unlearn as well as learn - are you up to it? An incredible program & so proud to play a role with such a great team and inspirational client! — Faculty, Duke CE Leadership Program.
"This journey has always felt like a spiritual one. One that is meant to teach me something greater than the culture of India. One that is meant to startle me, challenge me and bring me to a truer version of myself. I don't know what to expect, but I do know I will find magic." — Julie Coughlan. This account of the tour is loosely based on excerpts from the travel journal of Julie Coughlan.
One’s destination is never a place, but rather a new way of looking at things. – Henry Miller.
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Meet The Team
A group of experienced, fun to work with, customer-focused individuals – we’ve got heaps of great ideas that take the shape of great learning experiences. We’re passionate about what we do and determined to deliver the best experiential study programs that showcase India’s brilliant urban and rural potential.

The leadership team has significant experience in the education sector, complemented by long-standing associations with top-ranked educational institutions. We have also worked with foreign universities, and played a decisive role in curating partnerships and experiences with their Indian counterparts.

The long-term working partnerships we’ve forged with many of our clients stand testament to the seamless study programs we’ve curated. Our experiences are completely flexible and we are happy to tackle any aspect of your visit, right from managing the whole trip to simply giving you an experienced set of hands on site.

Team up with us and ‘Let India Happen To You’!