about the trip

Great journeys begin at the river.

Fourteen students from historic Christchurch School in Virginia set out for a twenty-one day exploration of India, its people, the Ganges and its journey.

Using Christchurch School’s core values of education–purpose, identity and self-awareness–the students will immerse themselves in an exploration that begins in the Himalayas at the untouched headwaters of the Ganges and culminates in the plains at its developed heartland. On their way down the river the students will plunge into village life, observe the local ecosystem and begin to understand where they fit in this global world.

This blog is for them to record the sights, sounds, emotions, stories, moments, discoveries and events they witness daily.

This blog is for you to follow along.

Want to learn more about Christchurch School?

5 thoughts on “about the trip

  1. The school is a little less full without all of you and my house is downright empty! …but we feel your presence in the simple fact that you are pioneers for CCS on this international Immersion trip and we are proud that you are representing us on your adventure! Tonight the full moon over Tidewater looked like what we would call a “snow moon” in Maine – subdued by some high hanging clouds. There is a nip in the air but no snow in the forecast!
    Please start telling us your tales…we are really wanting to hear! Take good care of yourselves and each other!

  2. I love the way the picture across the top of each of the blog’s pages changed from what it was yesterday. Amazing pictures!!!!!! Aaron – SUPER job so far. Keep it comin’.

  3. Today has been our full first day: the morning spent with SEWA workers (look them up), watching the sustainability fractal in action; the afternoon at an ancient Mogul garden; and the evening visiting a local Hanuman temple. Tomorrow we head for the hills.

  4. Today’s “Pursuit of Happiness” was another powerful entry. Thank you Matt and all the writers so far. We are enjoying your insights, wisdom, and new angles on life in another country. The rain has begun at CCS. Washington DD is expecting big-time SNOW! They are calling it “snow quester”. Half moon.

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